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What's New at Ke Ala Kahiko

2013 Winter/Spring Calendar 2013 Winter/Spring Schedule is Available
Kumu Pono and Kumu Ha'awi have released the Winter and Spring training schedule for Ke Ala Kahiko.  This year, we've got an amazing assortment of options ranging from short experiential programs to get started all the way to full in-depth immersion training programs.

If you have been feeling the call of Hawaii within you, the desire to reconnect with the purity of spirit that lets you be the "real" you, these courses are about you discovering you.  They are about you finding your own source of true power so you are free to share your natural gifts, your way.

It is a beautiful, sacred process shared with amazing people.  We hope you can join us.

Torch of Knowledge Passing the Torch
Earlier this year, 2012, Pono accepted the honor of formally being named the successor of Ke Kumu, the organization formed by his mentor Kaleolani to be the structure to hold the teachings of this tradition.

This appointment begins a long process of training and further testing under the guidance of the lineage elder to ensure that the healing and teachings of Kaleolani, Nelita, and those who went before will continue through the next generation and far into the future.

The intensive preparations for the Advanced and Master Level Trainings with Kaleolani in September have already begun.

Our Blog New Blog
Ke Ala Kahiko now has a blog!  The first project by Pono and Ha'awi, is called "Share the Journey".  The two of them are heading for the islands in October 2011 to both study and teach.  The blog will reflect their three-week journey studying Ho'oponopono through a family lineage of Molokai.

Each day (give or take), Pono and Ha'awi will share part of their mana'o (understandings) of the culture and spirituality fitting with the events of the day.  In the process, you can experience part of the "real" Hawaii and the abundant wisdom the islands have to offer.

Check out the blog here: and leave your comments and questions.

Linda Ha'awilanikealoha Arigi Pono's partner, Linda Ha'awilanikealoha Arigi, joins Ke Ala Kahiko!  She is a master practitioner of Hawaiian Elemental Healing as well as an avid student of Hawaiian culture and spirituality. 

She is a world traveler with a deep love for the people and cultures of many countries.  Her studies make her an excellent teacher of meditation, healing, spiritual development, and we are thrilled to have her as a teacher and writer as we work to preserve and propagate this lineage of wisdom.

Pleiades - Photo Courtesy of NASA Kumu Pono will be teaching a very special 7-day intensive in Hawaii this September.  This training will be a blending of a traditional intermediate level course with information and practices from Lono traditions as passed to him by Kahu Lanakila.  For complete details, please click here.

On January 12, 2009, Pono was interviewed on the television program Inner Quest about the Hawaiian traditions for the Comcast Network.

The program aired in February.


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