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Signature Hawaiian-Style Lomilomi Service


So Much More than Just Massage!
Signature Hawaiian-Style Lomilomi Massage is a sacred healing for your whole body-mind-spirit. 

Hawaiian Lomilomi massage is like no other massage you may have experienced.  Built upon the principle that every being seeks harmony, you are honored as a physical, spiritual, and energy being, and we work to restore a state of unity and integration between all three parts of you.

The natural flow of energy in the body seeks to move toward peace, harmony and balance, but day-to-day life exposes us to environmental and emotional assaults.  As the body reacts with tension and fatigue, blockages are created that stop the natural free-flow of energy.

Our Signature Service uses the tradition passed down through the family lines of master healers that is known as Lomilomi Mahi’ai KaSacred massage for caretaking and healing of the whole self.

Elemental in Nature
Lomilomi works with you and your energies to bring those most primal elemental forces of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth (the building blocks of creation and life itself) back into concert with each other and your personal rhythm of life, helping you to be centered, clear, and at peace once again.

Uses Fresh, Natural Products
In the Hawaiian way of healing, connection with Nature is crucial, and therefore we have brought home from Hawaii the freshest, hand-made products to use in our work.

Along with soothing Hawaiian music, you’ll relax to the therapeutic aromatherapies of the islands’ plant medicines, the wonderful scents of maile, tuberose, pikake, plumeria and more, depending on the need.  In the massage, we use only the finest oils, such as Kukui Nut or Coconut Oils, bringing the energies of the Sacred Light and the Water of Life into your body.

What the Session is Like
Before the session starts, we will talk about your goals and needs to shape the direction of the work.  We begin with a traditional Hawaiian Healing Chant to state our intention and call the resources of healing to us.

Your lomilomi massage session will gracefully weave together rhythmic, ocean-like strokes, pressure point therapies designed to relieve tension without causing pain, craniosacral style therapies for your head and neck to relieve pressure and free the natural movement, and spiritual healing energy work to assist all of your being to awaken, remember, and work in a state of unity.

In addition, (if desired) lomilomi can effectively release the tension and binding in your abdomen through gentle massage of your internal organs, allowing them to function with greater ease, thus greatly aiding the digestive system and common complaints such as constipation, indigestion, colitis and irritable bowel.

Not Run by the Clock
Traditionally, Lomilomi was not scheduled by clock time.  It was finished when it was finished, and not when the clock says "time's up."

In modern times, that doesn't work, so we schedule longer sessions that allows us to work at your body's pace, but also respect that you have a "to-do" list.  Sessions have a way of flowing outside of "normal time", and we work to help you into an unmatched state of well-being with an integration of body-mind-spirit, and a profound availability of the most primal forces of life within you.   Therefore, our Lomilomi is scheduled as either a 1-1/2-hour or 2-hour session.

The Signature Hawaiian Style Lomilomi Service is a deep caretaking of the whole self. It is Sacred Healing.

Special Pricing
The cost for this exquisite healing work is $135 for a 90-minute session or $175 for a 2-hour session.

Schedule Your Personalized Session
Call me at 630-926-5891 to schedule your time. Available in Warrenville, IL on Tuesdays only!


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Rooted in the most ancient traditions

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