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Living the Four Elements


Begin Your Training in the Authentic
Spiritual & Healing Practices
of Hawaii's Medical Kahuna

Lava Flowing Into Ocean

With Kumu Rick Pono'uhane Ho'okuakua Vrenios
Kumu Linda Ha'awilanikealoha Arigi


September 21-24, 2017
Wheaton, IL
Thurs: 7pm-9:30pm, Fri-Sun: 9:30am-5:30pm

Akaka Falls 

Staying True to the Old Ways
"Living the Four Elements" is an intensive workshop offering authentic teachings in the spiritual and healing practices as they have been shared for generations by native Hawaiians. It is with the full authority and blessings of the lineage elder that this training is presented by Kumu Pono.

A Foundation in the Elements
The Elemental Energies of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth are the building blocks for all creation and for life itself. They are the spiritual basis for the healing kuleana (authority) of our lineage as well as for other Hawaiian sacred arts.

Whether the pursuit is healing, chant, hula, omen reading, drum carving, farming, fishing, or any of the other vocational, magical, or spiritual arts, the masters customarily learned and formed a strong relationship with the elements as one of the foundations of their training.


You as an Elemental Being
In this course, you will begin recognizing yourself as an elemental being, which opens a new vision and new possibilities as you move forward in life. It is also the beginning of seeing others, as well as the planet, as elemental beings. With this primal understanding, the process of healing, of spirituality, and of what are sometimes referred to as "shamanic" traditions unfolds.


A Training that is Truly About You!
Where the objective of most courses is for the attendees to learn to duplicate the techniques demonstrated by the teacher, the goal of this tradition is to awaken within you a personal pathway to find your own sources of mana (creative life force), to discover your own spiritual gifts, and to embrace your own way of being in the world.

Therefore, each time this training is offered, it is unique to meet the personal needs and levels of each person attending.

You will learn to work with mana and the elemental energies to strengthen and heal your body, mind, and spirit and build a stronger relationship with the Earth and the Heavens. You will find your personal pathway to discover and know yourself as your own kumu (source).  

In this Training, You will...

  • Explore the Hawaiian view of Spirituality and the Structure of the Universe.
  • Discover how to live more fully in Aloha.
  • Learn traditional oli (chants) and pule (prayers) for creating deeper spiritual connections.
  • Experience and build a personal relationship with the four elemental energies of Fire, Water, Air and Earth.
  • Actively practice directing the elements with evolving levels of purity as the foundation for accessing the interconnectedness of all existence.
  • Learn a safe and effective Hawaiian healing & assessment ritual using the elemental energies.

Through a blending of "talk story", teachings, experiential work, and hands-on practices, you will find a growing inner strength and peace and learn to work in harmony with the forces around you, instead of fighting against them.  Begin the next step in your journey and register today using the links below, or call Pono at 630-926-5891.

Our 2017 Offerings of this Course are considered as
"Initial Plus" trainings.  This means that we will provide
the initial training, and we will expand into higher levels as well to meet the level of the participants.

Begin your next step on your journey and register today using the links below or call 630-926-5891.


Cost is $425 per person
Early-Bird Registrations are $395 
Early Registration Discount for the Sept 21-24, 2017 Training
expires on

Repeater Rate
(applies only to those who previously attended this specific course with Rick, Kaleolani Spencer, or a lineage kumu of Ke Kumu)
Discounted Price: $295

Pre-Requisites:  None.  Open to the Public

NCBTMB Approved CE Provider               Approved Provider

Massage Therapists: Receive 23.5 CE Hours for NCBTMB and
for most State License Renewals!


PLUS... Massage Therapists will also receive access to an online ethics course
at no additional cost to complete your requirements.


September 21-24, 2017 
(Single Payment Option)
Thu: 7pm-9:30pm, Fri-Sun: 9:30am-5:30pm
In Wheaton, Illinois

Early-Bird Rate is good through August 31, 2017 

Register Now!
September 21-24, 2017 
(4 Payments of $99 Option)
Thu: 7pm-9:30pm, Fri-Sun: 9:30am-5:30pm
In Wheaton, Illinois
No Early-Bird Rate with Payment Plan

Register Now!
September 21-24, 2017 
Repeater Rate
Thu: 7pm-9:30pm, Fri-Sun: 9:30am-5:30pm
In Wheaton, Illinois

Register Now!
More dates and cities announcing soon!  

(credit card charges will appear on your statement as RICKVRENIOS.COM)

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Rooted in the most ancient traditions

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Wheaton, IL 60189
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