Ke Ala Kahiko ("The Ancient Path"):  A Center for Healing, Education, and Spiritual Growth Rooted in the Traditions of Hawaii
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The Unity Tree on Maui
The Lokahi Tree
Two trees merge into unity... Each enhancing the other, finding new beauty as One.

Our Mission

During these times of financial, personal, emotional, and spiritual change and challenge, many people in the world are seeking a simpler way.  We are all seeking a way to feel more connected with life and less in conflict with the world around them.  We are all seeking a way of finding internal stability and peace, regardless of how unstable the outside world becomes.

This calling to return to the profound ways of old time teachings is happening across the planet and is touching the souls of all who hear it.  Whether Native American, Tibetan, Aboriginal, Mayan, Druidic, or Hawaiian, among many others, the inner spirit of nature is re-awakening in humanity after being buried for so long in daily human consciousness.  The drive to move back to a life in harmony with the Heavens, with Humanity, and with the Earth is like a beacon light illuminating the way to this life of inner strength, peace, and stability.

Ke Ala Kahiko Hawaiian Foundation is dedicated to bringing into modern context and application the sacred knowledge of two native Hawaiian family lineages.  These lineages date back for thousands of years.  As Kahu Lanakila wisely warned, all sacred traditions must evolve to meet the context and realities of modern day life for them to stay relevant.  In this way, the sacred trust that has been passed to us will find a strong home in this and the next generation.

Ke Ala Kahiko is a name with many meanings.  It can mean "the ancient path", "the old ways", or even "the rising up of the ancients".  However, the name signifies more than just the traditions of our elders.   

As Keali'i Rachel sang, "Every step into our future is a step into our past."  We move forward on our mission to preserve and advance these traditions, and we walk with the ancients and listen to their song.  Through that song, we find the ways to better live in aloha every single day in this modern daily life.

Our Journey

After many years of studying the Hawaiian healing and shamanic traditions in the Lineage of Ku and the family practices of Kahu Nelita Kapa Aloha Anderson and Kahu Ed Kaleolani Spencer, I was invited to branch out my studies to begin my training with Kahu Lanakila Brandt, a Kahuna Pule in the Order of Lono and a highy respected Kahuna La'au Kahea (Spiritual Healing). 

One day, while sitting together after offer La'au Kahea, or Hawaiian Spiritual Healing for Kahu Lanakila, he paused to look deep into my eyes, and he told me, "You are the one I have been waiting for." 

In 2004, I accepted the responsibility of creating an organization dedicated to preserving the healing, cultural, spiritual, and language traditions of these two family lineages.  Each day, I and my halau strive to keep alive this wisdom and this way of being in three ways.

  • We embrace this way of being as our own way of life.

  • We actively teach the traditions of healing and spirituality privately, as part of group trainings, and through public programs, lectures, and talks. 

  • We provide spiritual healing services using the methods of old Hawaii. 

With the passing of Kahu Lanakila in 2005, I focused my attention on seeking the deeper wisdom that he had carefully hidden in his teachings like seeds in fertile ground.  I also continue my life-long study with Kahu Kaleolani Spencer.

Before he died, Kahu Lanakila made this requirement of me as I began moving forward with this vision, "The Hawaiian to whose memory was committed the keeping of old time teachings, regarded it as a sacred trust, to be transmitted in its integrity; and he was inclined to look upon every different and contradictory version of that knowledge as, in a sense, an infringement of his preserve, a desecration of that sacred thing which had been entrusted to him."

That is our commitment: to keep the integrity of these teachings by living them every day.

In 2011, Linda Ha'awilanikealoha Arigi, a master practitioner and student of Kaleolani, joined Ke Ala Kahiko adding her extensive knowledge, skill, and her Light to our organization.  She is now a full partner and key member of our team as a teacher, healer, and writer.

Linda has been studying these traditions since 2006 beginning with Ke Ala Kahiko and advancing to study directly under Kahu Kaleolani.  In addition, she continues her studies with teachers of Japanese, Tibetan, and Hindu traditions.  She is a teacher of Reiki and meditation, and she has a private spiritual healing practice as well.

While neither Linda nor I were born of Hawaiian blood, we are grateful for this opportunity to be the vessel to hold and care for these sacred traditions as they were shared with us, carrying them forward until they can be returned once again to the Hawaiian People - the rightful owners of this knowledge.  We hold that responsibility with dedication and humility.

For those who come seeking this knowledge for the betterment of their own lives by reconnecting with that natural and instinctual part of themselves, we share this knowledge and these practices and traditions as a celebration of the heavens, humanity, and the land and the Po'ohuna (the Divine Mysteries) that bond them together through eternity.

I Ke Kea Kahi,

Kumu Rick Pono'uhane Ho'okuakua Vrenios

Linda Ha'awilanikealoha Arigi




Rooted in the most ancient traditions

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