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About Linda Ha'awilanikealoha Arigi


Linda Arigi


I began to study the teachings of this family lineage of Ku in 2006, with Pono as my first Kumu (teacher), and have continued my journey with Kahu Kaleolani Spencer for the past four years, advancing to the master level training under his care. There has been astounding personal growth in my roles as student, healer and teacher! I have also begun my studies with Pono in the teachings of Kahu Lanakila Brandt, in the lineage of Lono. I have my own healing practice, and I teach in other areas of spiritual growth, such as reiki and meditation. I also continue to pursue my spiritual education with teachers of the Japanese, Hindu and Tibetan traditions.

Iím so grateful for the opportunity to partner with Pono in perpetuating the wisdom and healing methods of our very unique and precious Hawaiian lineages. Ke Ala Kahiko represents many years of hard work, practice and education, and we are committed to supporting this organization as an offering
of aloha to our teachers and to the Hawaiian people and their culture.
Pueo - Owl


Rooted in the most ancient traditions

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